Field walls being a game element

As stated in T25 : “ Be prepared for minor field variance. Field Element tolerances may vary from nominal by ±1.0”, unless otherwise specified in this Game Manual, official Q&A, or Appendix.”, Field walls would fall under this category. With the metal field walls, sometimes the walls will bend out and would not rest on top of the notches of the foam tiles, so does this mean you cannot (before a match starts) adjust the field perimeter wall to correctly be aligned on the foam tiles, so that the wall is straight?

If you have a concern about the field, the proper protocol is to bring it to the head referees attention.


yea i did and they said to open a q&a forum about it because it doesn’t make it super clear in the rules.

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Sounds like you didn’t have a very good ref. If you point out an inconsistency in the field and ask that it be corrected, they should do so. “It doesn’t make it super clear in the rules” sounds like a lame excuse to be lazy.