Fields and Perimeters from Worlds

Does anyone know what Vex does with the perimeters and tiles from worlds?

Keeps them for next year, or restocks them for sale

I don’t know. They seem to have a completely new everything at Worlds each year. Waiting at the field in between matches this year the volunteer dude (I think his name was Tyler or something like that) was talking about people accidentally taking preloads and somebody said they took a mat on accident as a joke and the volunteer said we can take the whole field after the competition, they have no use for them. I know in previous you could take home regular elements, didn’t stay near fields to take some this year, but i’ve never seen people take mats or perimeters so i doubt it.

I think they get donated to some event partners for VEX tournaments.


We accidentally took a ball that was in our robot at the end of a match. Oops.

They were literally giving out all the parts we could easily grab after all the matches were over, so don’t worry.

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Scoring objects are usually allowed to be taken. After the game reveal, I did see people running like it was black Friday with field foam tiles. Kind of makes me assume it wasn’t discussed with people in charge.