Fields at Nationals

Does anyone know if the fields at US nationals will be raised or not? If so how high?

The fields at Nationals this year will not be raised. The time frame for when the facility is available for set up does not allow for it. There will be 2 HS divisions, with 3 fields for each division. Matches will run fairly quickly so there will be adequate qualification matches for the teams.

Okay thank you.

Darn, I was hoping for raised fields so we can practice for worlds :frowning: Nevertheless, I expect a fantastic competition from the CREATE foundation. They always do a great job.

Thinly veiled buttering up the Create folks for an award? :stuck_out_tongue:

I found one of your postcards/handouts from Sack Attack worlds the other day in a pile of stuff. Sounds like you have good stuff again this year.

Nope :stuck_out_tongue: I have been going to CREATE’s US National competition since the RoundUp year’s and they have always done a great job running the tournament. I don’t intend to gain an award by posting here, I just am letting them know they do a great job year-after-year.

Really? I don’t even remember it :rolleyes: Could you send me a picture?

How many fields does middle school get?

The middle school will compete on a set of 3 fields as well. I believe the middle school fields will be shared with the “Open” division. The open division is a lot smaller, so it won’t impact the schedule that much. So there will be 2 HS divisions with 3 fields each, and 1 MS school with 3 fields. Skills will have 3 fields as well. I hope this helps.

This doesn’t relate to the fields but when will we know divisions, the day of?

We will know the divisions on Tuesday the 7th. They don’t release beforehand because some teams don’t show up. Good luck!

Thanks, Jesse

Anyone have any trouble with VEX Via not giving divisions with an iPhone? I see the CREATE US Open tournament, but it says “no divisions yet”. I know VEX Via works on Galaxy and other non-iphones. Just wondering…

They waited on posting the divisions in case some teams didn’t end up making it to the tournament. It’s working fine now.