Fields at Worlds

Two questions

  1. How thoroughly are fields tested at Worlds? Ive had some problems with improperly set-up/tested fields that led to VEXNet users not being able to function, and I want to avoid that. I’d figure that they would have it tested like crazy considering that they MADE the fields :stuck_out_tongue: just figured I’d ask.

  2. How many practice fields are accessible at Worlds? I know from the very start I’ll need a few seconds on the field to perfect autonomous, just wanted to figure how many there are so I know how much access I’ll have. Also, when will practice fields be open? At the very start of the 22nd when we start setting up pits, get info, etc.?

i don’t know if fields are tested but last year there were plenty of practice fields for use but there was a line you had to sign in and wait your turn until the other teams in front of you were done with there time period to practice autonomous and driver stuff. but my team had plenty of time to work on fields so i think you will have plenty of time and i showed up late last year so i don’t know when you can use them at the begging

Last year I believe that there were around 4-6 practice fields on the floor, and around 4-6 raised.

but since the rumor floating around is 4 divisions this year
we might have more
(or less practice fields to compensate :()

Not a rumor, it is true: (look at the ad as soon as you get there “300+ teams 4 divisions”)

We went to all three major IFI-run tournaments this year (All-Star, Pan-Pacific, and Championship of the Americas), and saw zero problems with the fields or overall organization. I would not be concerned about field connectivity/setup issues at Dallas.

Practice field usually open immediately, at least at the major events.

so far for all the tournaments we went to
the practice fields were all just “free for all”
there wernt too many teams that needed to practice, just the newer teams that need to test a certain part of their robot
there were never really 5 robots on at a time
but im not sure for worlds
hope it wont be “sign up”
that would kinda void the whole point of a practice field if you have to folow a schedule
and not just go when your robot malfunctions…

There will be a total of 10 practice fields at the VEX World Championship. 5 will be flat on the ground to make it easy to tweak autonomous programming. The other 5 will be raised similar to the competition fields. All practice fields open at 8:30am on Thursday, April 22.

As a side note, there will be a total of 23 fields at the event this year. Here’s how they break down:

  • 8 competition fields in Halls A/B (2 each in 4 division grandstand set ups)
  • 5 fields in the main arena
  • 10 practice fields

This year will be bigger, better and more exciting than ever. See you at Worlds and good luck!

Are the college matches on one of the five fields in the main arena?


Since its our first year competing and we will be attending dallas I was just wondering a few things:

  1. When will we find out the divisions ( who are in which)
  2. What is needed in the pits
  3. How the Division system works for example is it like frc were the divisions face off and then move on to a final field then each face each other to make it to the finale.:confused:

I don’t know the exact answer to your first question, but last year the divisions were released about a week before the event.

You will need the same stuff in your pit as you would need at any other regional competition. I would suggest that you make sure to have a plug strip, extra parts, a laptop (to reprogram the robot), and a lot of tools, among other things. Make sure that you have a lot of batteries and a system for charging dead batteries.

Yes, it is like FRC. The teams in each division will play each other, then the winners of each division will face each other.

I would suggest that you look at this wiki page:

The field management system creates the divisions and randomizes the teams into them. I believe Vex needs a full team list before they can create the division list. I distinctly remember errors in the team list resulting in a new devision list and match list being created twice at worlds last year and once at the competition of the Americas.

Long story short, you’ll get your division and match list on the first day of competition most likely.


that makes sense
a few competitions ago, the match lists were printed last night and put in everybody’s envelopes
but there were two “no-show” robots
and they had to reprint the list which led to a major confusion
think they played two matches wrong too
(not sure about that one)

If I recall last year every other team was in the same division and the match schedules had to be reprinted because of some H1N1 cancellation issues. Hopefully no mishaps occur this year… 4 divisions sounds like better chances…

Ah H1N1 was one of the issues, I forgot about that because it never really scared me. Funny to see people with dusk masks on in the airport.

Thanks that answers most of my questions and one last one i had was how many people should a team bring. I know people would say bring as many as you can but my team is running on bugget constraints so I was just wondering how many are truly needed for presentating doing awards and working on the robot?

It’s hard for a team with fewer than four or five members to compete on the field and still do scouting and all the other little things that need to be done. For most of the year, I think the perfect VEX Robotics Competition team is five students. At Worlds, the “best” number is probably more like 6-10. Good luck!

Sry last question since its hard to search for 2010 stuff on the vex forums I searched for a dallas scheduale and i cant seem to find any. How do these events tipically run so I understand its a 3 day tourny but what do those 3 days consist of?. For example in frc 1st day is usually practice 2nd - 3rd lunch is qualifications. After lunch ont he third day is eliminations/ finale? i was just wondering if this is exactly how dallas will run?

A complete agenda is online here:

Thank you:)