Filament for parts in VEX U

Thanks for all your support, I really feel comfortable talking to the whole community.

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And another thing: new technical filaments are being released all the time. I just got an email about this new stuff: 🎈 New technical filaments from Fiberlogy released - 3DFans - 3D Maker Online Magazin Higher nozzle and print bed temperatures than PLA, but you get more impact resistance and may be able to create more challenging features if it’s as well-behaved as they suggest. Think lower-slop hinges and print-in-place gear structures. But still; if in doubt, prototype in PLA(+) at sanity-preserving print speeds, and then worry about surviving competitive encounters when it works.


Just ran through CNC kitchen’s videos again and there’s another way of adding inter-layer strength: wider extrusion. It’s normally a bit more than the nozzle channel diameter, but if it you make it more like the diameter of the flat face of the nozzle (newer nozzles have a more convincing flat face!), it will have to push the filament against the object that it’s adding to to make it squish outward. Makes sense.