File crashed

Our team was downloading a file and our computer died as it was downloading. We charged the computer and opened it and the file would not open even though we tried several times. We don’t know how to recover the file.

Please send screenshots of what is happenning

Nothing happens when we click on the file, even though the other files still open normally. It just stays as the home screen of vexcode.

Open it through vexcode file—> open.

If that doesn’t work just redownload it

Are you guys on a mac or windows computer?

We have been opening it through file open. How do you redownload it?

By downloading the file from wherever you originally downloaded it?

We are on a windows computer.

We made the file in vexcode and can’t open it. That is the only place we have it.

If you have the project file, open it and click the hyperlink with an extension along the line of .vexcode. That should open the project file.

This happened to us a few months ago. When we locate the file and open it its a wide array of random characers. Luckily for us, a file we downloaded 5 min before, synced to Google Drive.

This did not work because we could not select vexcode to open the file.forum1

Ahh it’s called .v5code and not .vexcode. My apologies. What you need to do is open up the vexcode programming software, and (It’s hard to remember names when I dont have the software with me at the moment) click file > open project then click on the .v5code file
Also, this is not related, but if you don’t know the location of the project, right click that recent file and click “Open File Location”

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This also did not work. I think the file was probably destroyed when the computer died.

@Connor that was helpful we will try other methods. Thank You.