File Folders supported for Android App?

Does the VEXCode IQ Blocks Android app support folders for placing programs?
I cannot seem to make it work. I created folders in “Internal storage/VEXcode/VexcodeBlocks IQ” but VEXCode does not recognize them when saving or opening programs.
I would like a sub folder for each team.
It would be okay if the app doesn’t support creating folders but would at least allow opening and saving to subfolders of the VexcodeBlocksIQ folder. I can create the team folders outside the app using the My Files app.
Obviously google drive support would be nice.

You shouldn’t use the android app for programming since it is a bit gimmicky.
Try using windows or mac.

It’s really nice for full wireless downloading, though!

@tfriez ?

Android doesn’t have an across the board file management API that works back to our minimum (Android 6) - so we wrote our own… that being said, we can likely look to add folder support in the coming months. We may also look into keeping the bare bones file UI for Android 6/7, and leverage the OS tools for later devices.

The fragmentation on Android versions + every manufacture unique “stuff” they add makes everything 10x harder to support.


You can do partial wireless downloading on the coding studio by attaching the controller and then downloading wireless to the robot.

Not with IQ though, that’s for V5.