File not opening

when i try to open the file it wont open. i have tried other files and they work. all build, src, vex, and include files are there, but it wont open

does anybody have a solution to this, i need my code to open, i have a backup, but the auton is not perfected yet

Really not sure how VEX files save information. But can you open the file in notepad or another text based programming application? (make a copy first incase that does further damage).

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they have their own file type that is “v5code” and i have not found any other app that opens it up.

.v5code is I believe just a file that tells that application how to open the other files. @jpearman would probably know

The actual code files are in the folders project/src and project/include

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The .v5code file is just some JSON with info about the project and its files.

One option – you should be able to open src/main.cpp (as well as any other files you edited in the src and include directories in another program (notepad++, VS code, etc.) and copy their contents into a new project in VEXcode Pro V5.

If you can’t open the source files at all, even in some other text editor, then you have more complicated problems.


i opened the main.ccp, and it was completely empty, i think that means that i am not getting that file back, but i do have a built file of it, do you know if there is a way to derive the code from a build file?

You can not turn compiled C++ back into your original code. There might be some programs that turn it into something that does the same thing, but all variable names will be lost.