File System Full

I’m trying to put some sound files onto the cortex of one of the test robots and it keeps giving me system file full errors. I have no idea what this means since if the cortex didn’t have enough space it would tell me the file was too big. How do I fix this? If it turns out that the brain is just out of storage how do I shrink my Audio files beyond mono channel and 8-bit without messing with the rate?
vex error.png

Go to the robot menu, then select advanced tools and file management, see what that shows you. Audio files do have a maximum size, I think 128K, but it may be smaller, it’s been a while since I worked with audio.

ok. I dont think the audio exceeds 128k but I think I ran out of space in the brain.

So I forgot to make files 8000Hz so they too big. so fixed it.