Filesystem Library: "Function not implemented" errors

I’m attempting to use the filesystem library that was implemented in C++17 to get information about files/directories on my micro SD card. Below is my basic attempt to get it functioning. An “Auton” folder exists on the SD card, and I have verified that files inside of the folder can be read and written to by the brain. In theory, this function should output the path of a file (/usd/Auton/test.txt), then create a new directory in the Auton folder named “TEST”.

#include "main.h"
#include <filesystem>
#include <iostream>
#include <string>

void opcontrol() {
  std::string path2 = "/usd/Auton";
  for (auto entry : std::filesystem::directory_iterator(path2)) {
    std::cout << entry.path() << std::endl;


However, the actual result is no listed files in the folder, and a runtime error in my brain terminal

Runtime error: filesystem error: cannot create directories: Function not implemented [usd/Auton/TEST]  

Attempting to use any function, such as current_path(), results in the same general runtime error of “Function not implemented”. I’ve tried editing my makefile to include -lstdc++fs, and that resulted in a compiler error.
Thanks for the help.

The error is accurate, we do not support directory creation on the V5 sdcard.


Darn, alright. I’m guessing the directory iterator isn’t available either? Thanks for clearing things up.