Filiming the new game reveal right now, VEX Twitter pic


If there is truly water on the field, the light would reflect onto the water and reflect water-rays onto the ceiling picture. I doubt it’s a water game. Generally speaking every single VEX game is unique and creative in its own way. I highly doubt we can even create a solution that is accurate, especially from such a pixelated image. Now, I understand that the camera could have the field on it but what in the world is that?2734a55e7409711fefd05f285badec5e5d0cba1c


I think this means cameras(vision sensors) will be really powerful and there is something to do with rigs


I sure hope they drop hints out for next year. Having some teasers for next years game would be so awesome, and all of the speculation would be super fun! Maybe this is the year they do that? I graduate this year and i don’t plan on doing robotics next year, but heck it would be fun to speculate with teasers!


Here is an interpretation by @UnwaryZero508. Looks to me like 2 posts with maybe 3 containers or objects at the top of each, with a load of stuff in the middle of the field.



Yeah true sorry folks no water game this year.


You forgot the water


That’s one amazing camera, and a freaking amazing gimbal.

Apparently vex has a higher budget for those game reveals than I thought.


Thats a fire sprinkler lol. Vex fire game.


They have a whole in house room for filming and editing video at their HQ.


DRow has blessed his domain with a sick filming rig, thus making it that much better.


Our refs love pinning and trapping (aka never call it even during elims)


But, if they sprayed the water with anti static the light wouldn’t be reflected, it would just stick to it


Just imagine in that game’s handbook SG1: do not burn the irises of your opponents or alliances, may result in disqualification and or monetary/legal consequences.


I agree! People stand on their side of the field and get in the way of their opponent and not gaining any driving experience by defensive play.


Water games mean a really lot of extra expense. Water could completely destroy multiple motors and cortex and batteries for V5 that could be nearly a $1,000 just for parts that get water in them. Plus the added cost of encasing a robot with plastic or rubber items. If you want water games, try FIRST Robotics.


But FRC doesn’t do water either.


I was informed that at the High School Level they occasionally have to build floating robots, I haven’t seen that over the past few years.


I’ve never seen that. There are aquatic robotics leagues, but FRC isn’t one of them.


If VEX is going to use water, it’s so they can sell newer V5’s to replace the ones that are glitching.
They can’t even supply what they have introduced, little alone what would be destroyed due to water. It was almost $8,000 this year to upgrade and that didn’t arrive until November with an early August order. Other parts are still on back order. The 393’s and those cortex will also fry with water in them.