Fill the gap between high strength shaft and gear?

I’m trying to make an arm rotating on a high strength shaft, but when the shaft rotates, the weight on the gear is greater than the rigidness/the hole space of the gear, so the gear will just twist onto the next side of the high strength shaft.

Can I use some kind of substance to fill in the extra space between the shaft and the gear and/or reinforce the gear’s hole?
If so, what substance could I use?

There are high strength spaces. They are like regular spacers but wider and with a bigger hole.

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I’ve never heard of this happening… pics would be nice.
if you really wanted to fill up the extra space you could maybe use washers, though its probably better to solve the root of the problem rather than trying to make it work.

@PortalStorm4000 is right

I believe @Recharged isn’t talking about spacing along the length of the shaft, but the shaft having wiggle room inside the gear, based on this:

oh in that case i would just double up the gears and screw them together

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You can try the high strength lockbars from Here is the link: Soft Stretch Rubber Bands, Size 64, 100 pack -

There are different lengths depending on the gear size you use.


r those legal for vrc use

Yeah that’s it
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They are cut from the 1x25 steel bars, so they are legal.

Which kit do you have, if you have the superkit that comes with the HS shaft spacers.

I think we had similar situation earlier.

Since there are spaces between where we placed the 2 bar and the driving gear, there are some spaces in between them, so we used two gears (84 tooth and 60 tooth) to connect the 2 bar and motor. Turns out that the 2 bar is too heavy, and the high strength shafts just slip off the 60t gear, rather than driving it.

We solved it by adding standoffs between the 84 and 60t gear (as shown in the photo). This provided another point to connect / support the 60 and 84 tooth gear.

Hopefully that helps

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