Filling bases with sand

Any advice on how to fill the ring pole-bases with sand? The hole is so small the sand doesn’t go in easily at all. We’re on the verge of drilling a large hole in the base, pouring the sand in, and sealing the base somehow!

We used some Home Depot playground sand, $1 funnels from a local auto parts store and a sifter from my kitchen (don’t tell Mrs. TYler, OK?). Make sure the sand is completely dry – damp sand doesn’t pour.

Step 1: sift the sand through a screen or other sifter. This gets rid of the bigger pieces which clog the funnel.

Step 2: pour sifted sand through the funnel until no more comes out.

Step 3: shake goal around to get rid of the mound that forms under the funnel.

Repeat steps 2 & 3 until full. I did this alone and filled about six goals in 30 or 40 minutes (I don’t remember exactly). It’s annoying and tedious, but once you sift the sand it’s not so hard.

We abandoned the sand from Lowes or Home Depot (don’t remember which), it was too coarse. We then got sand from local hardware store. It was much finer. We also used a funnel from an auto parts store. We used an axle to poke sand through when it got stuck. It was fairly easy to get to 9 lbs. It was very tedious to get to 10 lbs. It took us a couple times longer that Rick.

254 made a funnel from a piece of paper and while someone was pouring the sand in, another person spun the goal base so that the sand would go towards the outside.

… Cheesy Poofs brilliance shines again? :rolleyes:

we used a piece of paper too (because we had no funnel :P)
but only one person was doing it so it took some time (and it was still 9.2 lbs when he finished -.-’)
@ rick tyler
you are WAYY too nice to your kids
OUR mentor just told us to “fill it up” :stuck_out_tongue: