Filling regional spots

I’ve read the Worlds qualification rules but want to be sure on one detail that I don’t see having been asked (at least not recently). If there are double qualifications, does the offer go to highest ranked regional non-qualified team? In other words, the highest regional skills ranking below top 50 (already qualified) that did not earn an invitation at regionals?

Thanks for the question on VRC team qualification to VEX Worlds. We have discussed a number of related topics in this Official 2017 VEX Worlds Q&A. The World/Global Robot Skills top 50 is independent of state qualification spots. This means that the next highest ranked unqualified team from a state will receive an invitation to VEX Worlds IF there are additional spots allocated to a state/region OR double-qualified spots need to be allocated after a state/regional championship event. This process is completely independent of the World/Global Skills top 50.
In summary, there are three independent ways to qualify for VEX Worlds:

  1. Through State/Regional spots. These spots are earned at the State Championship or through the State Robot Skills Challenge Rankings at the end of the State Championship event.
  2. World/Global Skills Top 50. The top 50 teams, at the end of the season, in the World/Global Robot Skills Rankings will be guaranteed an invitation to VEX Worlds. Previous qualifications have no impact on these invitations.
  3. Online Challenges. Some Online Challenge Award winners are invited to VEX Worlds. This is independent of both methods described above.

I hope that this addresses your question. Good luck this season!