Filling worlds from waitlist

Upon looking at the worlds list today, my team and I realized that a team had been drafted from waitlist with no competitions under their belt AT ALL. Nobody is really sure (afaik) how people are being accepted from the waitlist(Stats? First come first serve? Praying to DRow?) but this seems a bit unfair to the teams that have to pair with the people who made it to worlds without ANY experience and to the people who worked extremely hard this season and didn’t make it.

My question here comes down to why is the waitlist used to fill world spots in the 1st place? Why not use world skills standings to fill extra worlds spots? I understand the top 35 world skills quals went away in favor of signature events but this could still benefit those high ranked world skills teams without letting in teams that arent necessarily the caliber that make their way into worlds based on state/national tournaments.

I would like to know other peoples opinions on this and wonder if maybe I overlooked why waitlist is used.


what how did a team actually get to worlds without going to a single comp?
that seems unlikely, can I see where you’ve found this to see for myself? if so, that does seem ridiculous.

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Ok that’s kind of bad. What’s up with this?

I have been told teams are randomly pulled from the waitlist and am currently waiting on a response on how this random selection works


This is really bad, probably like 99% of all vex teams deserve their spot at worlds. Just use skills ranking or the regional growth thing. Full RNG is terrible, especially for waitlist for worlds. All those extra slots could go to really good teams that didn’t quite make it to worlds.


As far as the reason why they didn’t compete this season, my guess is that they traded in all their Cortex equipment early on, but didn’t receive their V5 until after all the local events in their region were full.

Their school had 3 teams, all of whom made it to States through the waitlist despite not competing in local tournaments, but two of them withdrew (including the one who is signed up for Worlds). The one who did compete at States went 3-3 and made it to the Round of 16.


Yeah that’s really unfortunate, “ships in 8 weeks.” However, it still doesn’t feel right just choosing unproven teams randomly.


I hadnt put their team number in as I didnt want it to call them out. I mentioned them to give a defense for not using waitlist.

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What could have also happened is that the team placed itself on the waitlist then things happened and that particular team number was not used in the season (students moved to other teams, dropped out, etc). I’m not really a fan of using anything but first in/first out for filling from the wait list because anything else (such as filling from skills) raises issues of its own. And it is really not the point. Once the event (or any event) fills with qualified teams, the waitlist is just a filler.

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Th best way is probably to pull form the top Skills scores on the waitlist. By adding yourself to the waitlist, you signal that your team is able and willing to attend. Then Skills would help to keep the event quality high with most likely experienced teams.

There’s no garante that Skills would be pulled form at all if teams fill the tournament from qualifying. And therefore Skills would be a large gamble for teams banking on it, thusly discouraging it. This would also allow for the highest ranked teams (mainly in small regions, such as Singapore) without RECF allocated spots to have a chance at qualifying.

I’m not a huge fan of this solution, but the event needs to be filled somehow. (Does it? Really?) And this solution would be better than random selection.

If this randomness is still the case next season, I might throw myself on the waitlist to see if I get lucky. Add one more halfway decent team to be chosen from. (Plus Worlds would be amazing to compete in.) But that’s just why random selection is not a good idea. There are better teams than I who moreso deserve to be in Worlds.


Or maybe the team was a “ghost team” used to get V5 discounts. They maybe signed up all of thier teams fo the Worlds waitlist, knowing the random selection took place, and will just move around students accordingly.
Now let’s stop talking about this team in particular, please. If they’re reading this thread, it may not come across well.
Edit: This is, as mentioned by Gear_Geeks, just pure speculation. No offense is intended, and has been to show such.

Although, the list of teams registered for Worlds is a public list. Where I think it crosses the line is conjecturing that they registered a ghost team just to get V5s. That is pure speculation.


this is going to be interesting

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Deleted team name as courtesy


Again, I meant no offense to the actual team in question, I was just surprised with a seemingly random selection system. Seems like a bad way to fill what is supposed to be the highest tier event in the world…


Who said it was a random selection system?

This leads me to believe it is randomized?

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Have been told by (my mother’s brother’s shoe salesman) or (you fill in the blank). Not sure that a reputable source has provided any information on the process of pulling from the wait list.

I email the RECF and they said it is random pulling, but I am waiting for a response on how it is randomly done. So yes I have a reputable source


Perfect. Citing sources it good.