Finalists and Winners Dates for Online Challenges?

I have been looking at the VRC Promote Award challenge and it does not state when the finalists or winners will be announced. The problem also happens on some other challenges. Any word on when will finalists and winners will be announced?


I think they’ll contact the finalists or their mentors to let you know that you made it. All I know for a fact is that they give the winners their awards every year at Worlds. BTW my team entered the online challenge too so I know the suspense is kinda murderous.

This website should show you the winners and finalists.

I’m talking about the 2021 season.

Sorry about that.

Most of the 2019-20 challenges closed in early January 2020 and that post technerd send was about 2 months later so maybe 2 months after this year’s ones closed, around mid January? Just a guess

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@Droideka As far as I am aware, the initial judging for the online challenges takes place during January 4-15, 2021. Besides that, I don’t have exact dates at the moment, but historically, finalists will be announced in mid-late February. Final judging occurs soon after the finalists are announced, and winners will be announced in early March. This is subject to change, however, this is the standard timeline for the online challenges.