Finalists: Autodesk® Inventor® 2011 Digital Prototyping Challenge

The finalists, in no particular order:

1 The Rookie, Kinnick Red Devils
2 VEX Urban Explorer, AlaistairMunro
3 Mars Sampler Rover, EagleEngineering1138
4 Exoskeleton, rkana
5 V.A.D.E.R., AZ Robotlab
6 ChemBot 1000, JWVincent

Congratulations to all the entrants. This was an amazing group of designs.

Just wondering…

When, where and how do the finalists post their additional Autodesk Inventor files? Will they get an email with instructions or should they just watch for a link on the challenge page?

Thank you.

You are about two hours ahead of us! Look for an email.

Thanks! Just didn’t want to miss something :slight_smile:

Has the email to the finalist been sent out yet? I haven’t received one and just didn’t want to miss it. Thanks.