Finally getting myself a Vex starter kit

Hi all

Just writing to say that I’ve finally given in to desire and ordered a Vex starter kit. It should arrive here in London about April 28. I can’t wait. I’m sure I’ll be bugging people soon on these forums with questions and crazy ideas.


Well we look forward to what you come up with:)

HEHE…HEHEHE…HEHEHE…a challenge…two wheeled VEX robot…or a robot that can split up and drive as two robots, but if you want to…drive it as one…that’ll be fun…[cringe]

If you want to build a bot that can drive as 2 connected units, there is a model on the vexlabs site.

Darnit there goes my secret design for next year…

got a link?

Yay! I got my vex starter kit on Friday.

Over the weekend I built the squarebot. Two questions: I’m using NiMH batteries, is this ok? Are the driveshaft gears on the squarebot supposed to be so close to the ground?

Anyway, after building it I noticed that the gears in the middle where just a milimeter off the ground. To fix this I modified it to a front wheel drive with a 1:1 gear ratio. I’ve notice though that this configuration has very little traction and I’ll probably try to go back to 4 wheel drive.

Anyway, so I have a working squarebot, what next? Can I just start experimenting randomly with building on attachments. There aren’t many parts left after building the squarebot. Anyway, I’m blabbing.

Yeah, go crazy, just start building and see where it leads you, I think the inventors idea includes a couple of ideas for things to do if you get stuck and you can always look at the gallery here for ideas.

Yeah, I love taking it apart and making changes. It is awesome. Now maybe some kind of doomsday device…

I’d recommend picking up a packet of Bearing Pop Rivets. I didn’t think I’d like them at first, but they are prefect for quickly prototyping a design. Once you’ve got everything to fit the way you want, you can rebuild it with real screws if you need the rigidity.

They are also a quick way to attach/detach the controller and radio module for testing a partially complete design.


  • Dean


If you’d like to build some bigger and more complex robots, I also recommend picking up the Tri-Pack, some additional motors, and maybe select a few of the more specialized accessories (Wheel Kit, Gear Kit, Chain & Sprocket Kit, Tank Tread Kit, Omni Wheel Kit, etc). Choose whichever ones look interesting. You can see examples of these in action in the picture gallery on this forum.

Welcome to the world of Vex!