Finally, I got all my vex stuff organised

Don’t ask how it got that bad

Nice Area 51 PC. Specs?

Intel core i7 6800x 6 core 4.5ghz
32gb ddr4 dominator platnum memory
3x 500gb ssd in raid 0
2x quadro m2000
I built it custom for ~$3000

That’s some bank you got there. I take it you use it for CAD, animations, and rendering, having the quadro?


That is nothing compared to our tech room. It used to be a woodshop, so there is junk left from that, plus we don’t have an organized team, so last time we cleaned it, it took us a full week, just to sweep the floor into piles we could organize. Once it was clean, it was messy again in a couple days, as we were getting ready for Nationals and Worlds. I am usually the one to clean the tech room, so, needless to say, I have decided to keep MY area neat and organized, and the guys can do what they want to. Anything in my area goes in my box and is labeled as mine. :slight_smile:

Ok, nevermind, I’m going to step down now… That sounds WAY worse than my workspace :stuck_out_tongue:

@antichamber congrats that was a pretty impressive mess! Although I think @Aponthis has you beat. He should post pictures

Don’t argue with idiots, they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience

I have some advice, unless you are doing long term storage, don’t buy the clear plastic rubbermaid bins. A single drop from a clumsy teammate, and they are cracked and useless. Instead buy tough storage containers from brands such as husky, they will last much longer. The one I bought has multiple containers that lock together and the bottom one has wheels. Also, play some music, you will have something to entertain you during the boring task. Give everyone a trash bag to collect trash as they go, not collecting it as you go causes how much there is of it relative to parts to go up extremely quickly, making the process harder. And finally, GET HELPERS!!! And buy them lunch afterwards or something. Good luck!

Nice work! It’s always a challenge. We were thinking of putting up pegboard for the aluminum and steel stuff. Also for IQ. Just seems easier for the kids to build if they can easily see what is readily available.

We should have enough helpers considering there are 10 people who want to be in the team next year…

I wish that was the case for me (my school has around 60 students which are all special needs) yay for just me and 2 other kids

We have 2000+ at our school. You would think we could get more people to join our 4x state champion robotics program, but you would be wrong.

This mess is an amateur’s mess. I mean, how long do you really think to clean this up?? We work in my basement, so when you decide not to clean for 1-2 months, it really adds up. Plus, its a carpet floor, so that makes cleaning it all sooo much easier. Our strategy for 2 months in a row is work and then migrate to a different “clean” spot. Once it gets very dirty, we just brush some stuff aside so we can sit down. Come on @antichamber , bring it up to my level :wink: After the season, when I cleaned the basement for the final time, it took me about 10-12 hours just to pick up everything. Then came picking up stuff that was hidden inside the carpet, and then organizing, and more…

Well lets be honest. If cody’s graduation felt a little too off topic, then one could argue this is as well.

@antichamber What is the ratio of your lift? Internal gearing?

Cody’s graduation got deleted and he got banned not because it was off topic, but because of the expletives he said to DRow

Imagine this mess, but in your bedroom. Add the parts after tearing apart three robots and reorganizing every tool, motor, and battery. And you got what my room looks like at the end of the season.

That actually used to be my room! I sleep in the basement now