Finals at Battle in Brandon (Footage)

Here is the final match at the Battle in Brandon tournament. Team 2243 is the robot in the red isolation zone.

Tell me what you guys think, post comments/questions!

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Looks like you guys have a pretty good robot. :slight_smile:

And Im not sure what the final score was, but it seems like your team won by a landslide.

The final score was 36 - 2.

Well done. One suggestion (though this isn’t meant to imply that you haven’t thought about this already):

In isolation autonomous and early driver it’s usually more effective to get bonus points in the 20" goals and then as many objects as possible in the 20" goals before you go for the 11.5" goal. You can come back and fill up the 11.5" goal later.

This is especially important against good teams because if you aren’t paying attention they will take the 20" goals and then when you have run out of space to score they will still be able to score in their uncontested isolation goals. Just a thought for if you’re planning to go to worlds or US nationals, where the isolation auton battles will probably be tougher than they were at this tournament :).