Finals Bracketing

I currently compete in the California High Desert VEX Robotics League and we are closing in on the finals. We have 56 competitors, and 10 of which cannot compete in the finals because they have only competed in 10 of 40 matches. We all must compete in a minimum of 20 as far as we know. When it comes to alliance selections for the finals we are curious how it will work. there is a lot of hear say but I am looking for a definitive answer. 46 competitors are going to be competing which gives us 16 alliances, however that would leave two alliance’s with only 2 teams. I thought oh well that is easy leave the top two teams at a 2 team alliance allowing the bottom 2 teams a 3 team alliance. But now others are saying the bottom 2 get only 2 and the top 2 get 3. After competing in 30 matches and finishing 2nd overall feel it makes no since for a low end team to have the opportunity to go to VEX California State Championship because they are in alliance with the top alliances. So I am thinking that everyone with 20+ matches can compete in our finals, as well as, the top 2 teams get only 2 team alliance, so that the bottom teams still get to compete, but do not luck into a winning alliance, causing the state championship to have more robots that lucked into a winning team.
If you could take time to read this it would be dearly noted and appreciated. Thank You.

Although this is not a World Championship question, I’ve moved this thread to this forum since you’ll be able to get an official answer from the RECF. My recommendation for you is to contact your Tournament Host or RECF representative directly to explain the situation. You can find the contact info for your RECF representative here:

Thank you for your time.
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