Finals tiebreakers

Also, I notices that the finals this year will have two rounds of tiebreakers if needed. I don’t think there will be as many ties this year, but I do think it is a good change in general.


That is a significant change to the way that tournaments are run!

I expect that some Event Partners (EPs) will miss reading this change… I did the first time I read this year’s game manual.

As you said, I doubt that there will be many ties in Ringmaster.

I also question the wording (from page 18 of the game manual):

“The lower seeded team must exceed the higher seeded team in order to be declared the winner”

The word “exceed” is the questionable word to me (see example below):

Finals Matches Scores: #1 Seed: 100 points #2 Seed: 100 points #3 Seed, #4 Seed … less than 100… (only #1 & #2 are tied)
1st Tiebreaker Matches: #1 Seed: 90 points #2 Seed: 92 points

Would that be the end right there, with #2 Seed winning the teamwork challenge?? Or… because the #2 Seed did NOT “exceed” the #1 Seed’s original finals match score, would it go on to a second set of tiebreaker matches?


Paul, I read that as, “The lower-ranked alliance can never be the victor in a series of ties. To win, the lower-ranked alliance must have a higher score than the higher-ranked alliance in the finals, the first tie-breaker match, or the second tie-breaker match.” If there is any uncertainty, though, you should post it in the official Q&A.

I think I read through 3 times before I noticed. At a certain point I just start to skim!

I don’t know if TM has been updated for this, but I’m sure that in your scenario that #2 would be the winner. Every tiebreaker finals would be an additional set of finals that stand on their own.

It is going to look kind of weird in the finals standings on RobotEvents. #1 92 points, #2 90 points, #3 95 points… They will have to have some kind of notation and of course all the matches will be laid out for all to see.

I created and filled out a test event in Tournament Manager, and made 2 of the final matches tied, it just listed the higher seeded alliance as the winner. There is nothing in TM that can deal with these new tie-breaker matches. I guess for now it will have to be done manually. There will be a problem getting the right scores to show if the following occurs:

Finals Matches Scores: #1: 100 #2: 100 #3: 95
1st Tiebreaker Matches: #1: 90 #2: 92

The scores in TM can’t be entered as: #1: 90 #2: 92 #3: 95 (because then TM will think #3 won).

I hope that TM is updated before the tournament season gets going.


They will implement it soon!