Find a Retailer Q's

I looked on the products page and found the find a store nearest you button. I clicked on CT and it showed me a store; contacting the manager made me find out that he doesn’t sell anything IFI related; from hex bugs to vex and Vexplorer. So, what does this page say? Does it list future vex resellers, or just a reseller of VexBlue? Will the store (Over the Rainbow Toys) Carry vex in the future? What I’m getting at is can we make the page more specific to say if they are a current, previous, or future seller and what products the carry. Thank you.

I expect that those are future resellers or current of the VEXplorer and/or Hexbugs. I doubt the full VEX line will ever end up in a store again.

The listing has now been updated to show resellers who have recently purchased VEX, VEXplorer and HEXBUG products. The reseller you found in CT may not have placed an order yet, or decided not to place an order.

Either way, the resellers listed on the reseller page will now show active resellers.

:frowning: disappointing, now the closes places are NY,NY and Mass
another excuse to go to the apple store in NY! ^-^

Thanks for the help Brandon