Finding additional information

I would like to know where I can go, other than doing a general search on the internet, to find some of the more complex pieces of code that maybe used with RobotC programming. We have the Cortex Video Trainer software that accompanies RobotC, yet the reference pages are limited when it comes to writing more complex pieces of code. Being this is my first year using VEX robots, my learning curve is rather high.

Thank you.

Have you tried YouTube?

What are you trying to code?

Tbh the best thing you can probably do is look at the smaller things such as functions and different types of integers and use logic as to how you can fit them together to accomplish what you want. Programming involves a lot more logic than what some people think.
Unless that’s not the advanced programming you’re talking about…

My programmers have been experienced with Java and c++ for over 3 years. You should try learning Java fundamentals such as nested conditionals, nested loops, and method writing/implementation. Usually YouTube videos just go basic, but if you’re good at advanced Java, RobotC would be a beeeze