Finding Pneumatic Tanks

Hi, we are in need of a second pneumatic cylinder. How might we go about getting one, since we are not inclined to buy a whole new kit just for the tank. Thanks!

I don’t believe there is any other way than to buy a kit, at least according to this page:

Renegade Robotics lists some additional info on purchasing parts. Check here:

Are you looking for the cylinder or the tank? Those are two separate things.

As sabarrett said, you can find the part you need using the OEM’s (in this case, SMC’s) part number.

I’ve personally have had good experiences with Radwell/PLCcenter and their used prices are pretty much unmatched.

Here’s a list with more components. (not sure who posted this first, I just happened to stumble upon it)

Another idea would be to see if any local teams could sell you one.

Robot Mesh sells individual pneumatics components:

We have no minimum order limit, and shipping is $5.99 on orders under $50.

We can ship SMC parts anywhere in the US.

Thank you! I think that this is what I will use