Finding pneumatics from manufacturere websites

I am not very good at navigating websites. I need to now the links for two 75 mm dual action pistons, reservoirs, and all other necessary parts for wings ( I don’t know the first thing about pneumatics ) I am trying to build pneumatic wings because even though my motor wings work ok I want those extra watts for added torque on my cata so it can be lowered down in gear torque. Anywho the vex stuff from the site is out of stock and I have to buy most the stuff out of my own pocket due to funding so this would help me very much.

The only legal pneumatic parts are shown on the page along with the SMC part number.


If you do this though I will note that you still have to buy the solenoid driver cable from Vex which they still currently sell.


As you search on the catalog (or on in the example link below), you must use the part numbers in the document posted by jpeearman to ensure you are legal parts, and note that you’ll never find a piston in any industrial catalog; “piston” is a term used by VEX students and Minecraft players for what the automation industry calls an “air cylinder.” 75mm air cylinders are not legal. The vex-legal air cylinder is 3/8" bore 2" stroke, like this one:

Also note that air cylinders, solenoid valves, and air tanks do not come with any fittings, so you’ll need to purchase all those components, too. If you’re trying to minimize cost, you could eliminate the air regulator, on-off switch, and exhaust-flow-control-valves which come with the VEX kit. Just run your hoses from the air tank to the solenoid valve to the air cylinders.


Thanks a lot guys. That is very helpful.

Has anyone had luck finding mounting brackets for the pistons? Can’t find a part number at SMC for those.

The mounting brackets for the air cylinders are vex-custom, not available to buy anywhere. Just get some 1x25 bar and bend your own. There’s nothing special about them.

We bent some cross pieces, and thought they would work (haven’t tried them yet) but thought I would ask. Thank you

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