Finding VEX teams in my area

Does anyone know of a resource to find all the teams in an area? The team list on the wiki really isn’t useful for this. I would like to find contact information for local teams for pre-tournament scrimmages and possibly to help organize a qualifying tournament. The Robot Events site lets you search for competitions but not teams.

I’ve made contact with a few teams at tournaments but know there are several other teams in the area that have not been at the same tournaments that we have attended.


Send an email to the RECF at If you are organizing a scrimmage or tournament we would be glad to put you in touch with teams in your area. We don’t publicize team email addresses for obvious reasons.

I understand not publicizing email addresses. It would be nice, though, to be able to see a list of the registered teams and where they are located. Even better would be a way to contact teams privately like you can for forum users without their email ever being directly exposed.


I created this map based on teams that had signed up for events. Just the team names and what group or school they are attached to.