Firing from the pipe?

Our team has been considering making our robot shoot from the pipe in front of our goal because we can guarantee accuracy by basically slamming our bot into the pipe to auto align it with the goal. We’re concerned, however, that our robot could be blocked by another on the opposing alliance. Then there’s making it shoot a little behind the goal so we can’t be but then we lose accuracy. We could also shoot from the very center of the field placing us closest, theoretically, to all the balls on the field so we can load them up quicker and we could also have it use the X of the lines in the middle of the field to automatically align our robot with the goal, but we can be blocked from doing that, too, but we still have a parabola we can shoot from less accurately. It could also use the line between the center and to our corner to line up but that isn’t as accurate as having 4 lines for th e line trackers to “cross reference”, pun intended. Our robot can currently shoot from any of these positions, but not against the goal and farther away with the same configuration because the launcher angle would have to be adjusted / adjustable during the match. Finally we could have a launcher that can shoot across the field and even be adjustable but to do this we would have to spend a lot of our time until our next competition modifying the robot instead of practicing driving and perfecting the design.

At our last competition we won and made state with a robot that only made low goals by some miracle. As you can see based on the pictures attached our new one is on a whole nother level. Because this is only my second year and the rest of my team’s first I wanted to see what you more experienced team members would do in our situation. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!


The files attached are two videos of our current robot launching and 2 pictures of our other robot, one the day before the competition and one at the end of the competition.

The pictures:
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Google Photos

The Videos:

If you are asking if an opposing robot can pin you against the bar the answer is no.

I mean just sitting there so we either have to push them out of the way or we can’t make the shots.

They could sit there. Two things to consider.
a. When they’re sitting there, they aren’t scoring. Is it worth their time.
b. You could have a few different power shots, allowing you to shoot from different areas to prevent this kind of blocking.

Yes but what if the other team has a robot that dosen’t do much. Then it would be worth their time because if we were the main scorer and we’re basically dead in the water that may leave their alliance with a decent robot that can win them the match.
I will probably do this no matter what but what positions to fire from firing from the center during autonomous is a bad idea because we could be hit by other robots. we have a system to keep us from hitting other robots but we need to be far from the goal or right on it during autonomous.

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