Firmware 1.0.9 Code

I just updated my cortex to 1.0.9 along with my controller a side effect is that I can not download my code now. If anyone knows how to fix or go back a firmware update please let me know so I can test my code soon.

By “cortex” and “controller” are you referring to the V5 Brain and V5 Controller?

Or are you actually referring to the Cortex microcontroller and VEXnet Joystick?

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I mean the V5 brain and V5 controller

explain a bit more about what is happening, are you using wired or wireless download ? You may need to re-pair the controller and/or check that vexnet is selected in settings on the brain.

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Sorry I don’t use this that often. We use a wire to download the code. The controller is wireless and already paired. I also tried it plugged into the robot.

If anyone else has this problem try retyping your code in a new file that worked for me.

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