Firmware 1.20 What is new or improved?

I just downloaded Firmware 1.20. I do not see any updates on the VEX IQ Firmware change log. What is new or what can I expect from the new firmware version? Thank you

Hi Kinnama,

There have been no changes to the actual firmware in the Robot Brain or any of the VEX IQ devices - these are still 1.13 for the Robot Brain and 1.04 for the Controller.

The new version 1.20 is for the VEX IQ Firmware Update Utility app for Windows. The only change in this software from the previous version is that the old version of this app had two radio buttons to select between ROBOTC and Modkit for VEX, while the new version adds a third Other option.

Normally all three options will download the same version of firmware to your Robot Brain, but in very rare cases of an urgent software bug fix, updated firmware might be released for either ROBOTC or Modkit for VEX only while it’s still being tested with the other.


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