Firmware download and download to robot issue on robot c

When I click Firmware download or download to robot on robot c, there is a pop up that stays for less than a second then leaves. Basically it pops up too fast to see then it exits itself. Nothing starts to download after the pop up either. I have tried to open up the robot tab and download the firmware manually but that doesn’t work either. Please help.


Just checking: Latest firmware via VexIQ Utility (2.1.3)? Latest RobotC (4.56)? Which Windows version? Laptop? Same issue as your post of 4 days ago?

Tried restarting everything, computer, bot?

Was it working before, and has something been changed since?

Does the popup look like this?


Or is it the “Download Progress” I see ghosted in your pic?

A question for me, why PID on leftMotor and openLoop on the rightMotor (and arm and claw)?