Firmware Error

How do I download the firmware because when I try it tells me that its not updated?

Aight I can’t help you here but I can give you some advice: don’t title your thread as “Vex Robotics”. literally everything on here is VEX Robotics. Nobody who knows how will look long enough to help with a title like that. Sorry if that sounded harsh, but it’s true.

oh okay thanks for the advice

You are in the VIQ section, so I’ll go that way.

Go to the VEXIQ product site and download the VEXIQ VEXOS package. Install it. Plug all your motors, sensors, joystick into the brain. Black USB cable from the brain to your laptop.

Open up the program and it should find your brain, click on install and go from there.

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Thankyou for the advice, but isnt the usb orange? Or does it matter?

The USB cable shipped with the VEXIQ kits have been black for awhile now. Let’s make sure, here is a picture of the VEXIQ brain.

Oh that isnt the brain that I have, I have

OK, so you posted in the wrong section of the forums. This is for VEX IQ, you wanted the EDR section.

You want to go here

Scroll to the bottom to find the legacy firmware. And you are correct, connect the cortex to the PC using the orange cable.

Good luck!
@DRow can we get this moved to an EDR forum please?


Thanks so much I figured it out!

Happy to help you out!!

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