Firmware issues

Hello, I am having trouble with firmware issues, I was using a battery and it was having some problems, and when I turned on the brain I have been using, it asked to update that battery’s firmware. This seemed to work fine. Then when I connected the controller to my laptop and checked the firmware, it said “firmware not available” and the battery is still operating weirdly (shutting down when it claims it has 30% battery left, blinking green then red) Any suggestions? Thanks.

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The batteries firmware is updated through the brain. You are on the latest brain firmware so all you have to do is make sure your battery is plugged into the wall and the brain and press update, next, or continue ( I don’t know exactly what it is) when the red screen pops up and follow the steps on the screen. If the red update screen does not pop up when you first turn on the brain, then that battery is up to date.
Edit: you also can not update firmware over wireless through the controller. You need to tether the brain to the computer directly. I ended up 3 updates behind once because I didn’t know there was a new update and I Always download over wireless.


Yup, you have to tether the brain directly to the computer to view the firmware. I charged the battery and it seems to be working fine. Thanks!

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