Firmware Update Issues/Questions

We started the firmware update to a new (just out of the box) system, which was taking a very long time. After about 90 minutes, the brain shut off and 10-15 minutes later the controller turned off. We waited about 90 minutes and no change. We then turned the brain back on. Some time later the brain and controller both returned to off. The firmware utility still indicates that we should NOT unplug or turn off the device. The utility now says it is “not responding” yet the warning to not unplug any device remains. Has anyone experienced this before?

I also noticed a few minutes ago that the student in charge of plugging in “all of the devices” did not plug in three of the four smart motors. What should we do about this assuming the computer isn’t bricked?

Thanks so much!

Does the brain boot as normal? If so, have you tried quitting and relaunching the firmware update utility, connecting all the devices to the brain, and running the firmware update again?

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On a regular basis I have a brain that will stop in the middle of the update.

I close out the application on the laptop and restart it. It reconnects and completes the download.


I have not tried anything, yet. I did not want to disconnect and brick something by accident.

That is comforting. The last thing we need is for our only brain to become a brick.

@Foster & @holbrook…or others, do you happen to know what we should do about the smart motors that were not plugged in to the brain during the firmware update? When some devices are not included, how does one go about updating those devices? Is it as simple as running the process again…if so, do all of the devices go through the process or just those that were left off previously?

Thank you!!

Just plug those devices into the brain and run another update. Only the devices that need an update will be updated.


Here is a really dumb question…does it matter which ports are used? in other words, can I plug a motor or sensor into any random port or do they have specific locations where they belong? The student didn’t plug them all in the first time because the photo in the instructions only provide locations for about half of the ports.

Nope, plug as many devices as you want into whatever ports, and the devices that need updating will be updated.

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Port one is a little more magical. Sometimes devices are not recognized. If you put them into Port 1 you can force them to update.

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