Firmware update query

I’ve recently bought one of the starter kits and have a couple of queries:
On the web site it states that 1.08 is the latest version of the firmware, however when I connect the “brain” to the firmware update utility it claims that it is up to date with version 1.07 and refuses to recognise that 1.08 exists. I’m in the UK, is this a local issue?
When connecting the “brain” to robotc while it is running the software crashes, when disconnecting the “brain” from robotc the software crashes, in fact I rarely can have a session trying to download programs into the “brain” without the software crashing at some stage. I’m contacting the software people about this as well, but is there a relationship between the “brain” and the software that I’m missing out on or an order of operations that must be adhered to in terms of connecting and disconnecting without crashing the software?

Thanks in anticipation



There is a radio button on the top of the Firmware Update utility to select between Modkit and RobotC. The latest stable version of the firmware for Modkit is 1.08 and the latest version for RobotC is 1.07. Longer term these firmware versions will be the same between both versions.

Please also make sure that you do not have RobotC and the Firmware Update utility open at the same time. There is a limitation in Windows that only allows one program to communicate with the Robot Brain at once, and if both are open that can cause unreliable or unresponsive communications.


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This is a known low-occurrence issue with ROBOTC and some systems running Windows VISTA or Windows 8/8.1

Please contact - we have a preview build we can send you that will be released soon that will solve this issue.


Many thanks for your suggestions - problem solved.



Just as an FYI - we will be releasing a new build of ROBOTC in the next day or two that will have this issue resolved. This new version will be 4.08.

We have now officially released the newest version of ROBOTC for VEX Robotics 4.08 which has a fix for these issues. You can find out more about it through this forum post or this blog post.