Firmware Update

I have updated the firmware for the joystick and the cortex. I am STILL getting a firmware out of date message…please see below. What exactly is the cortex master CPU? Please advise!

Standard Firmware File Names:

VEXNET Joystick: .\Firmware\JOY_V4_25.BIN
VEX Cortex Master CPU Firmware: .\Firmware\CORTEX_V4_25.BIN
VEX Cortex CPU Firmware: .\Firmware\VEX_Cortex_1052.hex

VEXnet Joystick Integrity:

Firmware Version: 4.25 Up to Date
Battery Voltage: 7.4V Good (>7.1V)
Radio Type: RaLink
Calibrated: No
Joystick State: Powering Up

Cortex Master CPU Integrity: Value Status

Firmware Version: 0.00 Out of Date Version (latest is 4.25)
Main Battery: 0.0V Poor (<5.6V)
Backup Battery: 0.0V Poor (<8.0V)
Team Name: “” Not Assigned. Competition mode will fail.

Cortex User CPU Integrity: Value Status

Cortex USER CPU not responding. Firmware may need to be reloaded.

Try updating the vex nets as well. I’m not too clear on firmware stuff, but that would be my first guess.