Firmware update

Is it mandatory to run V5 with the latest firmware update at a competition.
Thank you

It is on the robot inspection check list …

so we expect teams to have the latest firmware at our events.

The latest update changes the color of the radio when you are on competition control, so it will be obvious if you haven’t updated and could fail inspection because of it.

That would be cool if every update they changed the color of the radio on competition control that way its super obvious if somebody is competing without the latest firmware

They are supposed to check it at inspection… But the documentation doesn’t tell inspectors how to do it. The color change isn’t just to tell the firmware update, it’s purpose is to diagnose any problems at the field.

Telling inspectors how to do their jobs is the job of the Event Partner, mostly.

We have been trying develop best practices for inspectors - Karthik has shared his on EP forum.

Things we have noted:

  • check the firmware version on the brain (easy to do)
  • have the team plug their controller into the brain during inspection to assure firmware on the controller is synched with the brain version

Some teams have no clue that new versions of the firmware are out. Even had a 1.0.0 version during inspection.

Wish that RECF had a V5 Inspection Guide - it is needed for consistency at all events. Not all EPs have access to V5 to practice/train on.

Thank you all for your replies.
Our brain and remote have the latest update, but during a competition we were against 2 teams who didn’t have that same update ( their radio was flashing red, when ours was flashing green). Our robot disconnected for the whole match twice ( after 5 seconds into the drivers control) and never reconnected, theirs were reconnecting each time.

What color was your radio during disconnect? Did the V5 Controller flash red during that period?

My bad ( I corrected it in my post), our radio flashes green during the matches, and red when disconnected

No worries, we have seem temporary disconnects which we have not found root cause yet. We also have seen disconnects in driver mode for remainder of match when V5 Controller not updated.

Did the Event Log reveal anything significant? Also, was your alliance partner also running V5 from the same tower?