Firmware Updater - Not Seeing New Updates

Hey All, I am trying to update our brains and controllers to 1.16 and 1.05 respectively. I downloaded/updated the newest version of the Firmware Updater and it says my brain and controller are up to date with 1.15 and 1.04 respectively. Any ideas?


I saw the same thing, but when I selected “smart radio” it said that there was an update needed. I guess the 1.16/1.05 updates are for the BT radio only. I am not sure how to “flavor” the radio for ModKit vs RobotC, or if they even support the smart radio yet.

The only new features in firmware 1.16/1.05 are support for the Smart Radio. If you are not using the Smart Radio, you do not need to update to 1.16/1.05.

If you are using the Smart Radio (regardless of whether you use Modkit or ROBOTC), please select the “Smart Radio” button in the VEX IQ Firmware Update Utility.

If you do not have the Smart Radio button selected, the VEX IQ Firmware Update Utility will correctly state that 1.15/1.04 are the most current firmware.


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Thanks Art!

My 2 new bots won’t run unless they’re tethered. I made sure the radio was pushed in. The brain and the controller were both off when students began the tether process. Please help. Also my third kit came without a battery for the controller. How do I get one of those. It was the $249… kit.