Firmware upgrade utility version

Hello VEX forum

I am trying to download the new version of easy c firmware that enables vexnet 2.0, but I am unable to do that.

I downloaded the newest package of easy c and tried to upgrade the firmware. However, when I click upgrade firmware, the firmware upgrade utility shows the version of V3.2.8, rather than the described version of 4.22. The firmware upgrade utility keeps loading my current version of firmware, 3.23 rather than the newest version.

Because the easy c I am using has a higher version than 3.23, I am unable to load any program without updating the firmware properly.

I wonder if I made any mistakes. We have a tournament this weekend and we are trying to use vexnet 2.0 because the old keys we have are not working.

Could you please post a link or something to the correct firmware upgrade utility so we can use the correct firmware by the competition.

Goto Tools -> Upgrade Vexnet Firmware

Then try and upgrade to make sure you are running the correct firmware utility.
If that doesn’t work, un-install the Vex Firmware utility then re-install easyC and that will fix your issue.

Thanks for your help. We successfully upgraded the firmware and are ready to compete!