I’m looking to find out how i can get the newest firmware for the vex cortex so i can switch it out for the 3.23 version that pros comes with can any one help me with the download location for it?

Here is the page with information and downloads for the firmware update utility:

I haven’t used PROS, so I’m not sure if it also has an update utility, and if you will also need to install the PROS firmware after the update.

there is an update utility inside of pros i just dont have the current cortex version that we are using with robotc and i dont think pros has to inject specific things into the cortex to work but idk, we are starting to play with a new way of programing for NbN

PROS has a button that will launch the VEX firmware upgrade utility, but not the most-current version (or at least mine doesn’t). The link Kevin posted is what you want.

BTW, Yay more PROS users! :slight_smile:

will i be missing anything if i don’t upgrade the firmware?
not a super advanced use but we have masted robot c as far as we go so we are gonna try something different for this year

Well, why not update? If you are competing then you probably should. If not, then it probably doesn’t matter as much.

If your version of PROS has 3.23, then it’s really old. The current version of PROS is 2b10 and includes one of the V4.xx releases (I forget which one). So you should at least update PROS to the latest.

The V4.xx fimware was needed for the new VEXnet 2.0 keys (the white ones), if you intend to compete this year the it’s also highly recommended to upgrade to these if you can.

See this post for a history of firmware versions.
Five years of cortex firmware

it seems i have made a file and it looks like it accepted the upload but i didnt make the cortex update ( already running 4.xx ) from ROBOTC, but so i uploaded it do i have to take the competition template includes from robot c and import them to pros? not used to this kind of editor more of a learning expirence right now to see what we want to code with. because if we can get more functionality then we are gonna do it in pros…