First and Last Season

This season was my first season in vex, and it will also be my last unless I can find a vex U team. This season was really fun, along with it being my first year, it was also my other team members’ (our program’s not new, just us). We were able to win our league, with being the tournament champion and getting excellence. I was the programmer for the team, which was kind of hard because there wasn’t really anyone at our school to learn from (so thank you to all who helped me in the forum). Even though I had done programming before, I had never done C at all, so I’m pretty proud of myself for getting a five-point auton. I really wish the season wasn’t over yet, because it has been so much fun (of course, we probably weren’t going to worlds anyways, but still. I’m also proud that I went straight to text, and didn’t use blocks.

I really wish that I could’ve had more time to do some more advanced programming, but oh well.

Overall this season our team(9799) did a league, 1 tournament, and states. And from that we got:
1x Tournament Champion
1x Excellence
1x Judges Award


I also started on a team website, but we don’t talk about that. lol