First Cad Model

What do you guys think of my X-Drive that I made using Autodesk Inventor Pro? This is my first model and I think it turned pretty good for a beginner! :slight_smile:
Clicky Clicky!

Very nice! Keep up the good work…

Thanks! Now I have to figure out what to make next.

maybe you want to experiment with shooters. Though i fear it, i have a feeling next year’s game will require shooting. If a vex administrator is reading this. Please dont make a shooting game:p

Really? I want a shooting game next year. That would be epic!

I feel somewhat doubtful. Shooting games would be considered dangerous (regardless of how you do it). Most probably wouldn’t consider it so, but you know how it is.

Anyway, great job Thomas!

Maybe a shooting game like this?

I competed in this game. It was fun!