First Day of Worlds

Hey thats my favorite movie!

Only 12 practice fields :frowning: and we have to share with the middle schoolers…

There were still a surprising number of dual tread robots, actually.

Yeah, but not all teams were present.

True that, I’m looking forward to seeing some cool ideas today.

Speaking of, did people see those Chinese / Singaporean(?) elbow 8 bars?

I was laughing really hard when I saw this. I actually got my whole family and showed them the picture. They laughed at the Toy Story characters… but they had NO idea what a 6-Bar linkage was :smiley:

Great picture!

I feel weird posting this the next day…but did anyone see the Middle school team (it was over by Inspection) that when it was lifted all the way, it was over 40 inches from the bottom of the treads on the basket to the ground?