FIRST Dropping Vex?

Hey, what is all this news that FIRST is dropping Vex for the FTC?

Search Please, don’t start that here.

well a quick summary doesnt hurt, FIRST is considering dropping the Vex platform, it is not an absolute certainty but the chances are unfortunatly high

they havent said much about it for a long time:mad:

its making me mad though because theres a lot of vex i wanna get but i dont want to spend my money (my paper route isnt a great source of income!) on vex

I was under the impression that there will be new equipment, albeit very similar stuff, for the same sort of games.

im guessing they’re making a mini FRC kit

Don’t forget that vEx has their own competition now… if vEx is what you feel comfortable with, you may want to consider their competition. I would suggest, however, that you give this new system a try (whatever it may be). Change may be a bit uncomfortable, but change is good (pun kinda intended…)

as ive said many times, i wish there was a vex competition in canada besides FIRST

any chance there will be a vex toronto competition? I’m hoping an IFI representative will answer this question.

If FIRST chooses a platform thats as expensive or more expensive than VEX, there is a good chance I will be sticking with a VEX competition, not to mention the schools I mentor. The ability to build without need of machining is also a major issue. I love the simplicity of the VEX platform.

because im a one man team (basically) and ive already got a lot on my plate i will continue Vex as a hobby but if FIRST drops it then i will continue with FIRST, what can i say, i like their style :smiley:

oh yea there’s already been an FTC regional in scarborough, or do you mean like a different vex competition in toronto besides FIRST?

lol i know about the vex competition at woburn. I meant a VEX Robotics Competition organized by IFI.

I recently read up on bridge battle, and I love it so much, I’m thinking about participating in the new england regional this year (it happens to be on my spring break week).

even though i cant compete in bridge battle i might still build a bot for it, seems cool, hmmm…the cedar springs in burlington is renovating and starting a council thing for ideas of events and other stuff…robotics @ cedar springs!!!

i guess ill have to suggest it

That would be cool! All I can think of is that, and MAYBE their not changing from VEX at all but upgraded VEX from its v0.5 version to 1.0!

I’m pretty sure that is exactly not what FIRST is attempting to do.

lol that would be awesome though

There are a large number of Vex customers in the Toronto area. IFI is committed to serving our customers. I’m sure that there will be opportunities for Vex users in Toronto to compete regardless of what FIRST does.

this is sweet, please tell us all the moment plans for something like this come out