Check this statement from a recent announcement from FIRST regarding VEX:

“… it’s unlikely that FTC will use the Vex kits in next year’s competition …”

Here is the entire announcement:

Anyone know why FIRST would drop VEX?


there is a large discussion on the chief delphi forums.

I for one do not like this change at all, and would love to hear why FIRST dropped VEX.

WHAT!?!? How could they do this. They want FTC to be a feeder program for FRC but they’re thinking about not using the set that’s basically a mini FRC kit. Why?

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This potential dropping of Vex from FIRST is probably the reason why the Vexplorer set was created, although Vex could never admit it. Without the backing of FIRST, and its related sales, Vex could realize significant diminishing profit margins. Vex probably knew about this announcement quite awhile ago, and smartly developed a new system to introduce to the general consumer.

However, with FIRST potentially dropping Vex, and delays in the ship date for Vexplorer, could this be the beginning of the end for Vex? :frowning:

I hope not…

LogJ - I think the several unsubstantiated speculations you managed to cram into your one message are all way off the mark. None of them are consistent with the history I have observed or the public statements tht have been made by people I feel are trustworthy.

You might want to edit what you wrote so that it doesn’t become a source of rumors and “FUD”.

No edits are necessary, nor shall they be made. You are incorrect in stating that these are unsubstantiated speculations. If I had said, “YES, this is the reason Vexplorer was created” or “YES, this is absolutely the end of Vex, due to so-and-so”, then - and only then - would they be unsubstantiated because I would not have given reasons or proof.

However, if you re-read my post, you will notice I used words like: “potential”, “could”, and “probably”. These words do not state fact, they state opinions, thoughts, or guesses. (As this is a FORUM, of which the point is to discuss, explain, question, etc.) Agree or disagree with me - that is the whole point.

Hey, I honestly hope that Vex is around for years and years and becomes, or remains, a very profitable company. It contains some of the best documentation I have ever seen for a product like this. I have purchased AT LEAST one set of each product they offer and enjoy every one. I have a pending order of the Vexplorer right now - because I believe in them.
I even said in my post that it was a GOOD thing to produce the Vexplorer. Expand the product to all the people!

Sorry if some of my comments were things you did not want to hear. I don’t want this to become uncivil. State your opinions so we can discuss. That’s all I want…

Kind Regards,

I was wondering if corpralchee or anyone else who went to the Flint, Michigan competition could explain the part about there not being a vex competition in michigan.


The following was posted by an employee of IFI on 5/2/07:

This was posted by IFI Mgmt on 6/28/07:

I can refer you to the entire threads if you wish, but it seems fairly clear that unless IFI was being entirely duplicitous, the release of the new product line had no correlation with decision by FIRST to consider moving to an alternate platform.

I would speculate that you did not adequately research this topic before posting.

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Here’s what I can tell you, I honestly have no idea what FIRST is doing sorry.

My guess about the “no FTC in Michigan” situation is that it is one of distinctions-without-differences.

  1. I presume that there is no FTC Affiliate Partner (AP) in Michigan yet.
  2. Without an AP somewhere in Michigan, I presume that there will not be a “Michigan” FTC Championship event (regional) this coming season; and
  3. I presume that FIRST HQ still thinks that organizing AP responsibilities along state boundaries is a useful thing.

That is no change from the situation that existed last season in Singapore, China, West Virginia, most Canadian provinces, Alabama, Utah, Illinois, … and other places too numerous to list.

Under the presumption that my 1, 2 and 3 are correct or close-enough; and presuming that the upcoming FTC season will operate very much like the last FVC season did; I simply can not fathom why FIRST HQ would send out a general announcement worded in such a confusing and morale-busting manner. Nor can I figure out where they got the idea that it would be correct to imply that they somehow control (i.e. restrict) the actions of Michigan’s population and/or public institutions.

From my point of view, there will be (should be) plenty of FTC in Michigan and I am unaware of a reason to distract or dissuade anyone in the slightest from the task of forming teams there and getting them to the nearest Championship. Let’s all inspire more teams there!

Without a clear understanding of a reason that directly affects team formation and participation, lets not tell or even hint to anyone anywhere that they are somehow restricted from participating in the programs.

If students from China and Singapore can make it to Atlanta last season, I’m pretty sure the good people of Michigan can get there this season.



Blake teams from Michigan can still compete in the FTC. We did, all you have to do is travel some distance to get to a regional. We went to ConnVex in Connecticut and a regional in Wisconsin.

Good for you! That is exactly my point! See you again this season.

Start enough more teams to form a local league and try to win a FIRST Connect award!