FIRST Kickoff

Howdy everyone,

So did anybody else watch the FIRST kickoff today? (or still watching it?)

I know it’s not right to compare FIRST and VEX, but when it comes to celebrities, I can’t help but feel like VEX is somewhat forgotten. I mean, they had Stephen Colbert, George W. Bush, AND Bill Clinton. Regardless of who you watch, or what party you are, that’s pretty cool!

So my question is this: every year we talk about getting some big names to the VEX World Championship. But this year, what can we actually do? Who can we get to come and support a bunch of robot nerds learning about STEM, having fun, and helping promote the next generation of scientists and engineers?

Personally: I like Morgan Freeman. Maybe Matt Damon, who knows, maybe we could even get President Obama?

I’m just thinking really big, (like I usually do) and I want to make VEX just as exciting and awesome for kids.

Thoughts? Criticisms? Ideas?

Don’t forget there was also

True. And why doesn’t VEX have such big names come to Worlds?

I’m just throwing ideas out. I want to see VEX receive more publicity, to get more recognition. I don’t really care who, I just want some big names to come. :slight_smile:

We got Karie Byron.

Something else to throw onto this - one thing I think FIRST does extremely well that VEX doesn’t even come close to is scholarship opportunities. Granted, FIRST has been around now for over 20 years, but I would really like to see some major universities to begin to recognize VEX robotics and give at least some partial scholarship opportunities.

I agree that VEX should do scholarships!

Although not about VEX scholarship, there is some good information in this thread:

I have helped with our local FIRST kickoff for 8 years, hosted for the past 6 years by a local college. This college gives out $500,000 in FIRST scholarships every year. And millions more in merit scholarship.

The admission counselor talked to the packed auditorium for about 5 minutes, covering internships, FIRST AND merit scholarships and guaranteed job placement.

She also mentioned they use the VEX platform for some of their classes. :wink:

Like the discussion in the previous thread, you need to be looking for STEM and other types of scholarships. When you have your interview, wow them with your grades, and your outside activities, including what you have contributed to your VRC team.