First NZ Upper North Island Sack Attack Scrimmage

As some of you may know, Auckland had it’s first Sack Attack scrimmage last Saturday.

AURA wrote the following article about the scrimmage:

Thanks to 2915A for a great alliance, as well as all the other teams for some good games. And as usual, a huge thanks to the volunteers from Auckland and Massey Universities, resetting these fields is a pain, and you performed admirably :D. It was also nice to see so many new teams and schools giving robotics a go!

EDIT: I just thought I would mention that video from this scrimmage will not be released any time soon. While it may seem unsportsmanlike for us to keep our ideas under wraps, nobody likes being copied, and I think it is healthier for the competition if people come up with and develop their own ideas.

295 points, that’s pretty good. For some reason something tells me it would be hard to achieve that score without scoring on the high goal…

Good writeup

And, judging by the scores, good defense.

Meh, thats only like 60 sacks in the troughs which isn’t impossible.

Not impossible… but definitely impressive.

And 295 to 0 made it even more impressive.

Looks like teams from Singapore will need to work much much harder before we go over to NZ for the Asia Pacific Vex…

Thanks aura for the write up :slight_smile: and also to Lucas and the team for an AMAZING alliance :slight_smile:

The scrimmage was run smoothly, so thanks alot to all the volunteers from Aura and Massey University, we appreciate what you do!

Cant wait for the next, and for Asia Pacific later on in the year :slight_smile: oh, and watch out for Robert on our R team in future, it was only his first competition ever as a driver :stuck_out_tongue: (in case people haven’t caught on, the new teams that we have started this year are lettered after the driver…)

Hmm… so what happens if it is a 2-drivers team…?? 2915RS?? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahaha, we have never had a 2 driver team - so i guess we will have to work something out if we ever get to it xD

I was actually gonna say that 295 - 0 made it more possible because that meant that the winning team had access to basically all the sacks on the field. Don’t get me wrong, 295 points is a lot, but I don’t think it is unreachable without the high goals.

This scrimmage was a great event and it was really nice to see so many new teams competing in VEX. The robots were nice, efficient at what they did and were very impressive for robots at the beginning of the competition.

Free Range Robotics didn’t have any robots - mine is currently little more than 4 bits of metal, and the other 2 are also still in progress. We look forward to hopefully having some built robots for the next scrimmage, which I believe is on the 21st July.

Unfortunately, I had left the competition way before the finals so I never got to see them. Unfortunately, I also never got to see (in person) one of the robots I really wanted to see actually working - I was there for 2 matches played by this robot, in both of which the robot was taking a “defensive stance” (I.E. it fell over). Nice robot all the same though, Jack :wink:

:open_mouth: Singapore teams are coming? xD yay!


The way I see it is that since it was the final, I am sure all the 4 robots were working well.

And to win 295-0, it means the winning alliance must be able to score well and descore well as well.

After going through Singapore Vex, I can safely say that it is almost impossible to stop your opponents from scoring totally (assuming that the opponents have working robots), simply because of the open field for this year game.

So for them to achieve 295-0, it must be due to their effective descoring, and not simply because they have accessed to all the sacks.
And bearing in mind that they won their 2nd match with 145-15… it has to be due to their brilliant defensive play (i.e. blocking and descoring).

I guess you could call it a “defensive stance” :wink:

But yea, a few teething problems with my robot, it was a bit rushed because ive been a bit lazy lately xD sorry for disappointing you with the two games you saw :stuck_out_tongue: you will have to wait till next time to see it, well, what will be v2 in action in person :stuck_out_tongue:

And on the defense, yes there was defense played lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Well… tentatively we will be sending teams over there. But a lot depends on the dates (and cost) of the competition.

The last that I heard from the Singapore rep was that they are trying to work out a feasible dates (after taking away all the exam periods, etc) for both NZ and Singapore.

Latest news - Singapore will not be able to send teams over to NZ.

The proposed dates is mid-october… all Singapore teams will be having their exams :frowning:

AURA… any chance of shifting the dates to end-nov? :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s nice that you think of us that way, but we don’t have any power when it comes to the dates of this competition - it’s being organised by Kiwibots and the Asian Robotics League. We know even less about what’s happening so far than you do =P

That being said, as far as I know the dates have been set for awhile because they’ve needed to organise the large venues months ahead of time. We’ll ask around the Kiwibots over the next week though and find out what’s happening. One reason that the dates probably wouldn’t shift to end-nov is that then they clash with exams in New Zealand xD Supposedly it’s at a similar time to last year though…

Basically, don’t count anything out yet, just wait a couple of weeks for the announcement of the tournament.

[quote=bobsalive;308686We’ll ask around the Kiwibots over the next week though and find out what’s happening. One reason that the dates probably wouldn’t shift to end-nov is that then they clash with exams in New Zealand xD Supposedly it’s at a similar time to last year though…
Thanks a lot… it will be wonderful if you can help us to sound out kiwibots.

It will be a shame if we couldn’t make it… especially I can see that many of them are excited with the prospect of playing with the NZ teams.

Well… guess we can only crossed our fingers…

After last year’s flood of NZ-bots, I don’t blame you. :stuck_out_tongue:

I do look forward to seeing what you guys have created, though. It sounds impressive!

Ahh, that’s really disappointing news. Hopefully the dates will be changed, so you guys and other international teams can come.

And I agree with Andrew, you guys seem to know much more than we do! All I know is that the Kiwibots online calendar says 10-13th October and that its an international competition. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, we can still cross our fingers and hope the dates are changed.

Well… probably that’s because Singapore is much smaller than NZ. News gets passed around faster among our community :stuck_out_tongue:

Less landmass, yes. Less population, no. I’m guessing nobody cares all that much anyway…