First Post + Some Questions

This is my first time using the Vex Forum. Our Robotics coach said my team should spend some time on the forum to get a better understanding of how it works. I do have a couple questions.
Can someone explain the basic rules of the forum (Like no spamming, no advertising etc.)?
And if our team had three separate hardcover notebooks and we put all three into a three-ring binder, would that count as one notebook or still three?
And finally, are there any limits on how many notebooks we can have? Our team is planning to put twice as much work into our notebook this year compared to last year and we will probably need to buy two small notebooks or one big notebook. So if we are limited to one notebook, then we would buy the big notebook.

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hi @Bri21BOi, welcome to the VEX Forum!


There is no requirement that you limit your content to a single physical notebook. If you run out of space in the notebook you’re using, keep going in a second one.


Welcome to the forum!

Here is a link to the Community Guidelines

As for your other questions. You can have as many notebooks as you want, and if you have multiple, make sure you put them in a binder and fill in the book number part at the front.


Interested in how the three notebooks are organized. Are they all just chronological or do you have a ‘Build’ notebook, a ‘Code’ notebook, etc. What are those of you with judging experience thoughts about that?

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Do chronological notebooks. You don’t want your notebooks in different date orders.

Keeping your notebooks chronological is very important but aside from that I think it’s personal preference to you and your team if you guys want separate notebooks for building/coding, etc. Various teams use different formats for their notebooks and it works for them


I meant a chronological build book and a chronological code book, kept separately so the coder could be working simultaneously on a boom as a builder


It’s better to just document everything chronologically as if it was one continuous notebook. Just make sure you have a table of contents. Everything in very aspect of robotics will go in your notebook.