First Sack Attack Wall Bot?

Just browsing the YouTube and found this video. Is this the first wall-bot anyone has seen in Sack Attack?

We competed against this robot. It was struggling in the qualifications to expand, but were doing awesome in the Elimination’s.

This team is 323A Shockwave from Cornerstone Robotics

I’m really not sure I understand how this robot would be useful in game…

I’m sure that, if done correctly, they can fit under the trough and then extend, which can effectively block the opposing team’s robots from scoring in the trough, which will allow their team to score in the rest of the goals. However, currently how I see it, this won’t really work against robots with long arms.

Assuming the other team can fit under the trough, they can just drive around, as it looks like the wallbot doesn’t cover the whole field. They can have one robot on either side of the field, which basically renders the wallbot ineffective.

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I saw the video before and couldn’t remember how long the robot looked like, but now that I look at it again, it does seem like that.

However, if the robot would be able to move quickly, I can see it being very effective in blocking off all the troughs from being accessible to the opposing alliance’s robots.

We have something called the scoot auto which gets to the other side of the field in under five seconds to counter this. This is a risky strategy for sure. Execution will be key for this robot.
Is this coming to Rolling Meadows?

You were correct, they only seemed efficient in blocking one robot, and it would be easier to get around the wallbot. However, something tells me that that’s the idea, so that they can defend the robot if accused of <G11>.
I’ll bet that 323A will become a lot more effective in blocking the other team’s robot.

Also, their autonomous basically put them on the other side of the field, plowing over any and all sacks. As soon as driver control hit, they expanded the thing.

Shockwave (My son Noah is the only member of 323A) is coming to Rolling Meadows, but I’m not sure if it will be with this robot. Getting caught on the sacks sometimes caused it to take too long before it was completely expanded. I think if he decides to stick with this design it will be very competitive late in the season. There are some other challenges to moving a 45lb robot that he would also have to address to remain competitive.

Noah is tossing around some ideas for more offensive minded robots. We have to see what he ends up with on December 1st.


In his last qualifying match this weekend he was able to trap both of the opposing robots in about a quarter of the field for the last 45 seconds of the match. His alliance partner was able to roam the field scoring/descoring at will. I think this will be more difficult to do later in the season as robots improve, but it is doable.


The wall bot appeared to my eyes to not only expand too slowly to keep my robot from escaping. Also its ability to move the sides of the bot also appeared way too slow to be effective against strong competition.

Again, a couple times the sides got stuck on sacks when opening. Once open it is pretty maneuverable. I agree that he would have a tough time against strong competition if they can go under the trough. If they cannot go under the trough then they will have a tough time once he is opened up and starts blocking them. The drive train has 8 motors with 12 powered wheels (16 total) and ratchets to prevent it from being pushed backwards. To remain competition throughout the season it would need to be able to get under the trough and expand in autonomous.

More than likely this robot will not be making another appearance at any competitions. I think Shockwave is going to retire this design in favor of an offensive bot that will be more versatile.


Here are some pictures of Shockwaves robot.

Haha lol pic of the wallbot totally made my day :smiley:
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Did you even read the whole thread? That’s a real competition robot.

That is one beast of a robot. Would love to see it in action.

That’s some nice superstructure there.

Glad wally is getting some love.

Reminds me of my wallbot from last year :slight_smile: Good job with this! And good luck this season!

Of course, I just consider a wallbot to be a troll strategy :slight_smile:

Those pics may not have embedded properly. They won’t show for me, and when I tried to click on them I got the 404 message. Perhaps they are really pictures of ECR robots…