First signs of a wallbot!!

I was just checking youtube today when i found this, could this be the first signs of a wallbot.

Very cool
great find


Honored to have 6430V as the new addition to the team! Way to go man, love the wall. Great job also to 9920, Sailor Robotics and SeaHawk Metal at the competition on 9/24!

Now we need… A bigger walbot! Watching in anticipation :slight_smile:

yes, i wuld just build one for fun

This looks pretty good. Not sure how effective a wall bot would be unless it spanned the entire length though.

In any case it’s making VEX great again.

i would say something like this could work very well, if not make it to worlds

In my opinion I think wallbots are pointless. Any robot that has a catapult can probably get the star over the wall.

Ah, but how many catapults do you think teams will be able to build? At early tournaments, imagine an alliance of the only wallbot combined with the only effective catapult. They would be unstoppable. Not saying it’s a good idea, just giving food for thought.

That is a good strategy and a good alliance. But it is just my opinion.

But who wants to build a robot that will only be successful in early season? It’s just not worth it! Even if you only have it for the first tournament, you would be SO far behind everybody else in terms of developing a successful late-season design!

It’s worth it, great learnings from this robot and the teams are always working on the “next” design. State is in mid-February for FL, so we have time to go through multiple iterations. I would encourage building what you like, it’s about learning, not winning. If winning is the end-goal (which is fine too, and fun), then lock down a design about 8 weeks before your State competition and refine it through a couple of tournaments. Or, build a great skills robot early in the year, get the scores up that get you into State, then build your match robot to move into State with.

The interesting thing with the wall-bot is that it is a terrible choice for skills (that will come later) but a LOT of fun to have at the tournament. Everybody cheers for it just because it is different.

The point of my post was illustrate how dominant a wallbot could be early season. Late season wallbots will still be an awesome partner for catapults, but it will have more competition when there are more good catapults out there (like at worlds).

EDIT: I still think wallbots are a mostly bad idea, because you block your partner as much as you block your opponent. So if both can make it over you, it is 2 v 1 and you will probably lose.

I was thinking the same thing.

In Georgia they give us 2 months to prepare a robot so I think most teams would bring a perfected robot. But we’ll see.


It certainly was interesting playing with and against a wallbot. Although it was a little difficult playing with it I believe this is something that will improve later in the season with practice and driver communication. But the wall did do its job and manage to block a few stars.

The wallbot should probably have an X-drive for a little more speed. It appeared to have an H-drive but the strafing was slow… correct me if I’m wrong.

I don’t see this being effective, but I have been one to use a design “just for fun” and to do something different. So I understand the value in that, if that’s what you’re going for. If you want to be effective, as stated, I don’t see that happening, but an X-drive would be a start if you don’t want to go full-field.

If you go full-field (good luck, genuinely), you need a way for your partner to score, which adds complication to a design that is already stretching the bounds of possibility to say the least, hence the “I don’t see this being effective.”

If you go full field I’m under the impression you wont need your partner to score. Considering deployment takes minimal motors you should be able to get to the wall before anyone else and if you do the points you get from knocking the stars over should win you the game (assuming both sides climb or dont). Im so glad and disapointed that I graduated last year because I would absolutely spend the entire year building a full field wall-bot.

I’ll just post this here since there isn’t enough meat to warrant its own thread.

Hi, just here to confirm that there is a full field wall out there. Here’s a list of features instead of pictures since all other members of the build team think our mechanisms are too easy to copy given the amount of headache went into making this.

  1. contrary to popular belief, it HEAVILY relies on team mates
  2. It uses a passive means of lifting the entire thing
  3. It CAN indeed score
  4. It uses about 350-400 feet of rope
  5. It weighs about 35 lbs
  6. 6 motor drive (mecanum mixed with 2 omni)
  7. It also takes forever to reset…
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Is this your bot/ a bot at your school? If so, how did you solve the tipping issue? Was tipping even an issue?